Couple Hugging and Happy at the BeachAre diamonds really a girl's best friend?

Maybe not, but the person who gives them to her certainly is!

I have gathered together my most favorite 3 stone diamond rings to share with you as you search out the perfect ring for your special someone.

I have included information on this site to help you understad what criteria is used to arrive at the value of any given diamond, as well as some interesting trivia about diamonds in general.

The value of Diamonds is real and undisputed, but in this economy most of us are seriously looking to make our dollars stretch. 

There is a great deal to be said for a great deal and helping you find one is also one of my top priorities!


Why 3 Stone Diamond Rings?

I think 3 stone diamond rings are the most beautiful and the most inspirational.

Ever popular for anniversaries, the 3 stone diamond ring says, "I have loved you in the past, I love you now, and I will love you in the future!"

But, these beautiful rings can convey any message from your heart.  Messages like, "You are my first, last, and only"  "I love your eyes, your smile, your heart"  and "Our two hearts, beat as one"

What would you like your 3 stone diamond ring to say to the one you love?