It seems that almost every jeweler has the round cut, 3 stone diamond ring.

The understated elegance of this ring is clear.  No pun intended!

This diamond ring is sized very nicely at 1.5 total carat weight and can be purchased in either 14K white or yellow gold.

That it is completely colorless (D color) adds to its value, and its clarity of VS makes it more affordable.

A VS diamond means that there are inclusions (flaws that occur during its formation) but they are not able to be seen by the naked eye.

Yet, to the naked eye, this $3,500 ring is every bit as beautiful as its $12,000 cousin.

And we think that is beautiful!

While this exact ring does not have a review on it yet, we checked the reviews on the supplier, Jewelry by Novel, and were very pleased with the confirmed quality and strong customer service.

3 Stone Diamond Ring - Round Diamonds


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3 Stone Diamond Ring with Yellow Gold Band


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