Diamond ColorsThe most traditional diamond is the "white", or colorless, diamond.

The value of a white diamond is in how little color there is in it.

The GIA has created a diamond color chart, to determine the level of color in a white diamond.

The chart spans the alphabet beginning with the letter D (no color) and ending with the letter Z (light yellow tint.)

White diamonds are more brilliant when there is no color to shade off the light that is trying reflect from it.

That would then make the D grade diamond, which has no color and therefore can reflect the highest amount of light, the most valuable and are, in fact, extremely rare.

Diamond Colors

Although relatively rare, diamonds have been found in every color of the spectrum.


Colored diamonds are known as "Fancy Diamonds."

Diamond collections include the following natural color hues: yellow, pink, red, orange, green, blue, and purple.

Fancy color diamonds are not graded on the same color scale as “colorless” or “white” diamonds. Rather, their color intensity determines their value.

This color intensity ranges from "Light" at the lower end and "Vivid" at the higher, most valuable end.

When you are purchasing a fancy diamond, the intensity of the color, the more vivid it is, is the most valuable aspect to consider.

The following is a chart of the GIA Color Range and a Colored Diamond Chart.


Colored Diamonds ChartClear "White" Diamond Color Chart