Types of Diamond CutsThe most critical aspect of a diamond is its cut.

It is the cut that gives the diamond its ability to reflect light so brilliantly.

When you hear about the "brilliance" of a diamond, you are hearing people talk about the amount of light the diamond is able to reflect.

Two other terms that are related to a diamond's cut are "Fire" and "Sparkle."

Fire describes how the light is dispersed in and around and from the diamond.

Sparkle is how much the diamond gives off that star-like, sparkly affect when you move it around.

With those three aspects in mind, the quality of a diamond's cut is defined by the following categories:

  • Ideal
  • Premium
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor


When a person is shopping for a 3 stone diamond ring, they are aware that the "ideal" cuts are going to be the most expensive, and also the most amazingly brilliant. 
However, most people cannot tell the difference between a cut that is Ideal and Very Good. 
If budget must play a role in your purchasing decision, you will find many absolutely gorgeous choices in your price range.
However, if you are choosing your ring as an investment, and may possibly seek to sell the ring one day in the future, you should look for the highest quality cut that you can afford.
The chart diamond chart above shows the different shapes that diamonds are cut into.  The "cut" refers to the depth of the diamond after the shape has been completed. 
The size & shape that a diamond ends up in is often determined by the shape it is originally found in.
You'll want to take some time considering the shape that best fits you, or the one whom you will be buying the 3 stone diamond ring for.