What is the first thing you should always consider when choosing what color the band of your new 3 stone diamond ring will be?

It's your own taste of course!

Do you love the luster of yellow gold? 

Or do you prefer the pure shine of white gold, or platinum?

What about a ring with both?

You will be looking at this ring, on your hand, every day.

You want to love it, notice its beauty, and think about what it represents everytime you see it!

After that, what kt white or yellow gold do you choose?

Actually maybe, platinum is the better choice, or was that Titanium you heard your friends talking about the other day?

The best, and most thorough information, that I could find on precious metals and what you should know about them is here.

On this site you will find information for both the beginner and the advanced shopper. 

It is very thorough and clear.

I know it will help you in your quest for the perfect 3 stone diamond ring.